10 Things Everyone Missed In NEW Frozen 2 Trailer

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Only True Fans Noticed These Small Details In Frozen 2 New Trailer
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"Frozen" fans have been impatiently waiting for the franchise's second installment to hit the big screen, and we can't say we really blame them. The trailers are epic and we're not kidding around when we say that they've surpassed our wildest expectations. The Queen and Princess of Arendelle are going to be journeying to a far off land that holds many secrets in its folds. According to Grand Pabbie, Elsa and Anna must go North to uncover the truth and pass through the Enchanted Lands before reaching their destination.

King Agnar and Queen Iduna were worried about Elsa's powers, as they seemed too powerful to control. But, they couldn't have been more wrong! Turns out that Elsa is the only one powerful enough to stop a new and terrifying threat. Tune into TheThings as we unravel the new and mysterious "Frozen 2" trailer. You won't want to miss it.

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