Daily life in Fethiye, Turkey: weather, restaurants, beaches, public transport and more

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In this video we show daily life in Fethiye, Turkey in 2021. Our apartment, walking around the city, weather, beach, restaurants, parks, nature. Grocery stores, shopping mall. Old Town. How to use the public transport in Fethiye. Currency exchange rate, SIM card purchase.

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00:00 Bus from Dalaman (Airport) to Fethiye
00:10 Fethiye city near Calis Beach
00:15 Typical 1+1 apartment (bedroom+living room) for rent in Fethiye
00:26 Sports area near Calis beach
00:38 Currency exchange
00:54 Cafe at Calis Beach
01:03 Cafes and restaurants in Fethiye
01:18 For cafe names and locations - ask in the comments
03:43 Calis Natural park and Bird Paradise
04:12 Buying a local Turkish SIM card with prices
04:33 Walking Around Fethiye close to Calis Beach
04:39 Weather in Fethiye in April is sunny (+18+25), nature is beautiful
05:13 Fethiye Beach. Fethiye Best Beaches full video ???? https://youtu.be/90GpLTemp-g
05:30 Sehit Fethibey Park
07:19 Grocery shopping in Fethiye. Carrefour
08:21 Grocery stores in Fethiye. Migros
08:43 Grocery stores in Fethiye. A 101
09:25 Walking around Fethiye, Turkey
10:09 Calis Beach
11:17 Seafood Restaurant near Calis Beach
11:29 Walking around Fethiye, Turkey 2021 late spring (April)
12:56 Fethiye city centre, view on the castle
13:04 Shopping in Fethiye. Erasta shopping Mall
13:36 Turkish clothes shop near Old Town
13:55 Full shopping in Fethiye video ???? https://youtu.be/UWm__huz1d4
14:27 Fethiye Old Town Bay
14:48 Fethiye Old Town
16:21 Walking by the seaside in Fethiye from the Old town to Calis Beach
18:10 Beach sunset in Fethiye, Turkey 2021
18:43 Boat tours (Old Town bay)
19:10 Car rent in Fethiye. Full video ???? https://youtu.be/H0lzhI5JzCc
19:46 Park by the seaside in the city centre
20:31 Public transport card in Fethiye. How to buy and charge kentkart.
20:41 Buy kentkart from any minibus driver (6TL, 1-2 bus rides)
20:52 Charge public transport card at the bus stops machines
21:03 Connect your kentkart to hes code https://hes.kocaeli.bel.tr
21:26 City centre clothes and produce market
23:56 PCR test before the flight. Fethiye Hospital
24:07 PCR test Full video ???? https://youtu.be/0trIxDbazo8
24:17 Leaving Fethiye. Dalaman Airport

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