Fethiye Turkey Top Attractions in 2021: Oludeniz, Old Town, Kayakoy, Beaches, Rock Tombs and more

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If you are going to Fethiye Turkey for holidays in 2021, here are top Attractions and things to do in the city and around. We spent a month in Fethiye, Turkey (April 2021) ???????? https://olgapronkina.com/travel/fethiye-turkey-for-a-month-april-2021/
Fethiye, Turkey best beaches: Oludeniz, Calis, Patara, Gemiler ???????? https://youtu.be/90GpLTemp-g
Where to do PCR Test in Fethiye, Turkey before the flight ???????? https://youtu.be/0trIxDbazo8

More videos about holidays in Turkey ???????? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbukJP9uQAFKOeoFoMjBLsM69JuLa5TTz

00:22 Amyntas Rock Tombs, Ancient city of Telmessos
01:36 Fethiye Turkey 2021 City view
03:10 Castle of Fethiye
03:34 Fethiye City centre
03:49 City centre Harbour in Fethiye, Turkey
04:01 Old Town
04:09 Yeti Himidiye Cami - Old City Mosque
04:57 Calis Beach. Best beaches in Fethiye ???????? https://youtu.be/90GpLTemp-g
05:32 Patara Ancient City
06:00 Patara Beach
06:25 Oludeniz
06:49 Oludeniz Beach (Blue Lagoon)
07:11 Paragliding at Oludeniz Beach
07:32 Gemiler Bay
08:07 Kayakoy
10:29 Tlos Ruins
12:14 Gizlikent Waterfall
12:44 Saklikent Gorge
15:19 City centre Bazaar (Market) in Fethiye
15:54 Sehit fethi bey Park
16:19 BarBunn Restaurant (Fethiye Beach)
16:38 Sunset in Fethiye, Turkey

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