Istanbul Walk in exciting Kadıköy Center | Kadıköy Walking Tour 2019

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Kadıköy Walking Tour 2019:

We continue our Istanbul Walk in Kadıköy, Üzerlik Street, June 2019. People will remember the video below, which is the starting point of the Üzerlik Street.

"Istanbul Fake Market Spree in Kadıköy 2019" the hidden Istanbul Fake Market in Kadikoy Center:

We leave this fake market Istanbul behind us, where they sell replica shoes and clothes. And we continue walking the same street.

But we can also see shops they selling bags and suitcases, some restaurants, pubs and different shops. Later on the name of the street changes to Moda Street. Because this direction takes us to the Moda neighbourhood. But i don't walk that long and turn back to the starting point.

Enjoy this Istanbul Walking Tour 2019 with me and if you can, travel to Istanbul 2019!

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