Noah Gocek Review (Clutch Aid No. 121)

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In this video I will review Noah Gocek from Cars 3, he is my favorite next-gen. He races for Clutch Aid and is number 121. He is one of my scores from Disney World. Enjoy the video!

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Cast & Crew SmartRC12 as Lightning McQueen, Mack and other minor characters No Stall 23 as Ray Reverham, Mater, and Himself LB Productions as Paul Conrev MapplesRealAccount as Luigi and Guido Cars cool as ice as Francesco Bernoulli JOEBURGER_1 as Chick Hicks Mystic Saddness as Jackson Storm and Natalie Certain Mystic stef as Cruz Ramirez H2005 Recording Studios as Flo and Sally CaRS RYAN PETERS as Fillmore, Sheriff, Ramone, Acer, and Professor Z BCAtkins814 as Sterling, Jake Topper, and IGNTR CEO Lightning McQueen as Pitty #2 and Grem MarioGamer as Pitty #1 and Danny Swervez Five Night's at Ray's as Sarge Dark Gearshifter as Francesco's Accountant and Fan #1 Jonathan Kalla as Cal Weathers David 23 Team as Sage Vanderspin

Cars: Rivalry Summary
In 2019 the lives of four different race cars were much different. In Rome, Italy, things were always in the fast lane for Francesco Bernoulli, as he raced and hung out at clubs and parties. In Los Angeles, California, Jackson Storm is racing on cutting edge technology and training for the 2019 Piston Cup Championship. Chick Hicks is losing faith in his racing and himself as he goes on as a TV Host. And in Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen is living a normal life training Cruz for the Piston Cup championship and building the new Radiator Springs City.
So when Francesco decides he needs more of a challenge he leaves Italy for Radiator Springs to race against Cruz. But when Cruz injures herself, everything goes wrong as she might not be able to compete in the Piston Cup Championship. So McQueen decides to take Francesco to Los Angeles to race against the next fastest racer, Jackson Storm. Chick goes to train on the Los Angeles Speedway and runs into Storm, and they decide to race each other, and when McQueen and Francesco arrive an argument spews up between the four racers which turns into a challenge. A challenge that will test all four of the racers' abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and skills on the track. Now McQueen has take on his toughest challenge yet: racing against his three biggest rivals to see who is the best and the fastest.

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