Shocking footage from Turkey! Severe fire in the tourist resort of Marmaris!

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Forest fire in Marmaris, Turkey
Natural disaster on June 27, 2021

According to the information received, a fire broke out in a forest near the Marmaris-Icmeler highway at about 10:30 for an unknown reason.
After the notification of the fire, the fire brigade of the Mugla metropolitan municipality and the fire brigade of the Muglinsky regional forestry department were sent to the region.
Work continues to extinguish the fire from the air using 6 helicopters, 35 sprinkler vehicles, 4 rapid response vehicles, 1 bulldozer and many forestry workers.
It became known that hotel staff living near the site of the fire were evacuated as a precautionary measure.
The governor of the Marmaris district said that all measures were taken to ensure the safety of life due to the fire that broke out in the region, which is very close to tourist sites.
The governor said measures are being taken at the highest level to prevent smoke from harming hotel guests and said: "The petrol and LPG tanks in the hotel villages have been emptied.
It cannot be said that the fire has been taken under control yet".

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