Sunny Beach Bulgaria Walking Tour August 2021 - 4K Video

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Bulgaria is an interesting country. Sandwiched between the Balkans with Turkey in ear shot, this is a melting pot of a place with a strong identity AND a stretch of Black Sea coast for that all important sun, sea and sand.

However, though it all sounds good, not everything is great in Bulgaria. With its reputation for vacationers going there for its cheap booze and nightclubs, as well as the issue the country has with thieves targeting foreign visitors, as well as dodgy taxis, Bulgaria isn’t 100% safe but is anywhere?

PS. What do you think is going on at the beginning with that dude and the women?

Welcome to Sunny Beach Walks 4K, where you can experience walking tours, relaxation (ASMR) sounds of the waves and footsteps as we travel, sight seeing, beautiful women and people in their natural states, sun bathing, bikinis and HOT SUMMER VIBES!

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