Travel to Fethiye 2021 How to have fun in shopping malls. The coolest place in town to people watch.

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Fethiye is a stunning Turkish coastal town but did you know it is so easy to get there and when you are there their are many things to do. Did you consider checking out the shopping malls? Fethiye shopping is good but we have the Erasta shopping center which is modern and everyone is hanging around there.
So, i decided to check it out for myself. It won awards for great architecture when it opened .
Not only will i walk around to see what is going on i will look around the area because i hear there is so so much to is buzzing apparently!
So, first the mall itself. It looks great and i see so many young people hanging around in the many cafes that surround it and also in the food courts inside. Obviously a place for the young and old.
Great priced shops, designer shops, food courts, cinema, 10 pin bowling alley, games and fun room, super markets and many many more things to keep you occupied for hours.
ı personally love the games areas and the cinema sections, awesome!
But, the outside cafes and restaurants are also high on my list. Great settings and you can sit in the many places drinking cool ice cream smoothies or lovely coffees. Modern starbucks and old traditional coffee houses are all here.
The surrounding area has many lokantas and cafes so the day can be spent in this location easily.
We also covered how to get there in the video. Local transport drops off just outside the entrance.
If you come from afar you can get a bus to the bus station next door and walk 2 minutes to the mall. fantastic!
The bus station is great and you can also travel almost anywhere in Turkey from here. Even the airport buses are here.
So i had a great stroll oot and aboot this part of Fethiye and had a great few hours exploring and people watching. Such a busy area.
Close to Olu Deniz, Hisaronu, Ovacik and Calis beach.
Get down for a look people you will love it here!
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