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How can you calm your adrenals ? Breath in Breath out :)
Finally I did it !
How to book Paragliding in Ölüdeniz ?
1. Don't book online . A Big No !
2. If you're staying in Fethiye then take a bus (Dolmus) for 10.5 lira and reach Ölüdeniz. You can pay by bank card or cash in this dolmus.
3. You can also buy Muğla cart , download this application and checkout the proper timings of this bus near your stay. You can recharge this card from any station .
4. Paragliding charges are always changing and it depends how do you bargain .
5. When you reach Ölüdeniz , walk and ask rates from Fly laputa , sky scanner and Gravity for basic knowledge.
6. It's time to bargain. Start from 500 lira and you'll get good rates between 600-700 lira with pictures and videos.
7. They will take you to one hill by cable car (they started it on june 1st) and there are three places to take off it depends on the weather condition .
8. Bring one jacket and sunglasses . A must !
9. They're accepting cash and cards as well .
10. Enjoy and be calm ????

It was one of the best experience with @acrotilla pilot from gravity. He made sure about everything especially pictures and videos for my posts and YouTube . Do it once in your life ! It was my second time because i did solo Paragliding near Mubarak village with basic training but still i loved it ????

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