Why Property Buyers love Uzumlu in Fethiye - Turkey

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Over the last year during the COVID pandemic, the driving trend in the Turkish property market is to get out of the big cities into more less congested destinations. Uzumlu in the Fethiye region is one such destination that has seen a surge in buyers, thanks to its off the beaten track location. Sitting a 30-minute drive from Fethiye town centre on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the small village is a scenic getaway combined with traditional Turkish lifestyles.

Uzumlu translates to grape place, but Turks call it Yesil (green) Uzumlu, an exact reflection of beautiful green mountain views that property owners wake up to every morning. Contact us today to receive via email, a portfolio of homes for sale in Uzumlu, Turkey or alternatively, browse through the property listings on our website here - https://www.turkeyhomes.com/properties/turkey-region/fethiye/turkey-location/uzumlu

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Further Reading

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